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To Change your Health, you must first Change your Mind!

Mindset. We’ve all heard this word & probably even used it. But, do we really know what it means & how it works? Let’s start with the formal definition of mindset: fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

Acidosis...What in the Cell is Going On? Part 2

Low Grade, Chronic Acidosis...What in the CELL is going on?

We have acid all around us. We’ve got acid rain, acid reflux, and acid rock. There’s acidophilus, antacids, and acidic comments. I’m not trying to get “Forrest Gump” on you; the destination for this rant is the fact that many acids around us are hidden. The acids I’m referring to are acids hidden in what we put in our bodies, posing as nutrition. I’m talking about acids that rob us of our good health; that affect our quality of life. These acids, when left unchecked, can bring about an unhealthy state of tune in our bodies.

Magnesium...Miracle Mineral! (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of a very important discussion about magnesium. The last entry talked about the abundance and importance of magnesium in our bodies. The primary focus in the last blog was the benefits magnesium holds for women. Ladies, if you missed the last blog, please read part 1 “Magnesium...Miracle Mineral!” Don’t miss out on a mineral that could change your life. That being said, let’s continue skipping down the path of magnesium enlightenment.

Magnesium...Miracle Mineral?

Have you ever heard the question, “what’s the matter with you, do you have rocks in your head?” I must admit that as a kid, I heard that more than once. I was a little “day dreamy”, and often lacked complete focus on what I was doing at the time. Happily, most of that focus problem has subsided (please don’t ask my wife!). The good thing is, however, I still have rocks in my head…and so do you. Without them, our brains couldn’t form a thought. They’re called minerals and without them, we wouldn’t be alive.

Building Balance...Whaddaya Mean?

Life really is centered on balance. It seems we all wrangle with the issue of balance. Whether it be balancing our time, relationships, families, or diets; there are ever-increasing challenges that must be overcome to build a healthy balance in our lives. pH Life’s tagline is “Building Balance™.” Balance What? What are we talking about? The answer to the first question is easy; answering the next involves a little more explanation.

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