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TribLocal Article:Crisis Calls for Doctors to Embrace New Paradigm and Ancient Hippocratic Prescription

Crisis Calls for Doctors to Embrace New Paradigm and Ancient Hippocratic Prescription By: Laura Bruzas

Have you been to a doctor lately? After a lengthy stay in the patient-lined waiting room, you get 10 minutes or less with your doctor and leave with a prescription in hand. Sound familiar? Don’t blame your doctor though for the state of healthcare today as “physicians must face major, often daunting, roadblocks including seemingly endless bureaucracy from government and insurers to practice” according to local physician, Dr. John Principe. Dr. Principe believes that “A new paradigm is in order. Rather than prescribing a pill for what ails us, doctors of the future will be able to offer their patients the tools they need to take a pro-active role in their own well-being including the ancient Hippocratic prescription, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”” Prompted by work with Dr. David Eisenberg, Director of Harvard Medical School's Osher Research Center and Program Director for Integrative Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Dr. Principe created the Road Map to Wellness program. The program, designed to promote wellness and reverse the factors that contribute to the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and chronic disease facing all Americans today, incorporates food education, increased physical activity and mind-body integration for stress reduction. Dr. John currently practices in Palos Heights and is the founder of WellBeingMD. He encourages everyone to see the powerful new documentary, The Vanishing Oath, which focuses on the crumbling foundations of medicine causing physician burn-out and patient dissatisfaction - subjects that he can identify with from personal experience and works diligently to resolve. For more information on “Dr. John” and his Road Map to Wellness program, go to or phone 708-448-9450. For more information and to purchase a ticket ($5) to the May 25 screening of The Vanishing Oath at the Dorothy Menker Theater in Palos Hills, visit . A complimentary “healthy food” reception will follow the film.

For more than three decades, La Grange resident and founder of , Laura Bruzas has made food her medicine.

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