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Volume 34 No. 3

Using Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Health in Athletes

On a cold November night, ANA members and friends joined at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, to listen to Julie H. Burns, MS, RD, CCN.  Her lecture was titled: Using Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Health in Athletes.  Even more watched via a live webcast.

Prior to the lecture, attendees were treated to a complimentary tasting of lush and tasty foods prepared by Chef Fred, flavored coconut water and more, provided by Eat Like the Pros, a meal delivery services founded by Julie.

Nutrition Individuality: One Diet Does Not Fit All

Nutrition Individuality: One Diet Does Not Fit All

Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, renowned cancer doctor and author


ADA Hush Money?

Dental Truth, the newsletter of DAMS International questions if 'fluoride and its salts" will to be added to California's "List of Chemicals Known to the State to Cause Cancer"?  Not if the American Dental Association (ADA) can help prevent it.  The ADA has put down serious money to help supress the truth about fluoride.

Victory for Milk

Remember when when several states tried to ban recombinant bovine growth hormone-free (rBGH-free) claims on dairy?  Monsanto, who owned rBGH at the time, helped found a group of rBGH-loving dairy farmers called AFACT. AFACT pushed to ban any label claims informing consumers about milk from cows that had not been treated with rBGH.