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Assessment and Counseling

Top 10 Nutrition Recommendations

Top 10 nutritional recommendations for the general population to help them understand how to achieve a healthy diet.

Juicing Overview (Mercola)

A handout for your client/patient on the benefits of juicing and juicing ideas.

Medication and Supplement Schedule

A simple chart that schedules medicine and supplement taking.

PDF for Personal Diet Coach

this is a pdf for a diet coach who is in the nutrition industry for all

ANA SOAP notes

Noting format to chart patient/client history and physical (H&P). SOAP stands for Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan.

Liability Waiver

This Disclaimer of Liability Waiver is in a word document format so it can be modified to include the practitioner's name.  All new patients/clients should sign a (legal) liability waiver explaining that you are not a physician and therefore cannot diagnose or treat.  All medical advise should be from a licensed physician. The  American Nutrition Association provides this document as an example. 

Hydrochloric Acid Protocol

The Hydrochloric Acid Protocol is by Murray and Pizzorno (Textbook/Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine). This procedure is used in cases of low gastric acid production which benefits from supplementing with betaine HCl.

Patient Intake Form

This 2-page patient intake form includes chief complaints, personal history, family history, supplement and pharmaceutical drug use, diet, and other questions.

Communication & Progress Notes

Communication and Progress notes help keep track of patient-practitioner conversations when it is not a scheduled appointment, such as, phone calls.

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