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Juicing Overview (Mercola)

A handout for your client/patient on the benefits of juicing and juicing ideas.

Hydrochloric Acid Protocol

The Hydrochloric Acid Protocol is by Murray and Pizzorno (Textbook/Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine). This procedure is used in cases of low gastric acid production which benefits from supplementing with betaine HCl.

Elimination & Reintroduction Diet (10-day)

The Elimination Diet calls for the elimination of potentially allergenic foods for a 10-day or longer period with a rotational re-indroduction of these foods while noting any subsequent symptoms. Allergenic foods include: wheat, gluten, diary, eggs, soy, citrus, nuts and proteins in red meat.

Breakfast & Snack Ideas

Chart of healthy ideas for snacks and breakfast. To help keep your blood sugar from elevating, always eat a carbohydrate with a protein or fat.

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