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Client Handouts

Toxic Beauty - ANA Presentation by Samuel Epstein, MD


The Toxic Beauty - Presentation slides by Samuel Epstein, MD at his 2010 ANA lecture.  These accompany the DVD.


Top 10 Nutrition Recommendations

Top 10 nutritional recommendations for the general population to help them understand how to achieve a healthy diet.

Juicing Overview (Mercola)

A handout for your client/patient on the benefits of juicing and juicing ideas.

Medication and Supplement Schedule

A simple chart that schedules medicine and supplement taking.

Hydrochloric Acid Protocol

The Hydrochloric Acid Protocol is by Murray and Pizzorno (Textbook/Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine). This procedure is used in cases of low gastric acid production which benefits from supplementing with betaine HCl.

Elimination & Reintroduction Diet (10-day)

The Elimination Diet calls for the elimination of potentially allergenic foods for a 10-day or longer period with a rotational re-indroduction of these foods while noting any subsequent symptoms. Allergenic foods include: wheat, gluten, diary, eggs, soy, citrus, nuts and proteins in red meat.

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