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Naturopathic Section

Clinical Science Boards

Study aids and tips to successfully pass the NPLEX/NABNE clinical science boards.

Basic Science Boards

Resources, links, and study aids for the basic science boards.

Naturopathic Licensing Chart

There are currently 15 states in the US that require licensure to practice naturopathic medicine as a physician. To obtain this professional license, one must attend a 4-year naturopathic medical school and pass the NPLEX board exam.

Naturopathic Sites

These are the organizations that represent the Naturopathic Physicians in terms of licensure, accreditation, or state association.

Naturopathic School Comparison

Currently there are 7 primary naturopathic medical schools in North America (US, Canada):

Naturopathic Licensing Chart

This comprehensive licensing chart of the 50 states and territories lists what therapies can be conducted by a licensed naturopathic physician.

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