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The Vanishing Oath

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This weekend I had the honor of watching and reviewing the new documentary film, The Vanishing Oath produced by Dr. Ryan Flesher and Nancy Pando LICSW. As an internal medicine physician who has practiced for over twenty years, I have contemplated leaving many times. This excellent 70 minute documentary film captures in a riveting way the root problems of our health care crisis. Through the delicate and perceptive view of a camera lens, Ryan and Nancy, carefully dissect the root problems: Physician burnout and patient dissatisfaction. As they open the soul of medicine, it becomes quite clear to the viewer that increasing bureaucratic interference, the undaunting pressure of malpractice litigation and the unrealistic expectations of the American public for physician perfection has created this dis-ease of a profession. Left unchecked and unopposed, these issues have destroyed the sanctity and sacredness of the physician- patient relationship. Through poignant interviews with physicians we can palpate the pulse of their anguish and discontent. At many times their candid discussions brought this reviewer to tears. The documentary also exposes the nerve of patient expectations through many candid impromptu interviews on the street. It becomes obvious that the current health care system sets them up for disappointment - unrealistic expectations for perfection in the physician but no counterpart accountability for patients as to health outcomes. The documentary leaves many open-ended questions, which those of us in the medical profession know is the best method for conducting an interview. We are at a tipping point in the future of the American health care system. I humbly believe that this film gracefully and skillfully allows us to pause and reflect before we proceed mindlessly into further solutions that will kill our profession. I urge each and every physician to contact Dr. Ryan Flesher and Nancy Pando at their website and set up a viewing in your area. I would further suggest that each and everyone contact their local media both visual and printed to pick up this incredible story. If you love yourself, your family, the sanctity of medicine and ultimately the future of health care in this nation, Please get involved! If we don't act now, Who will Take the Oath? I am humbled and honored to be part of such a noble project, but I also know that if we are not informed and motivated to be part of the solution to this crisis, we all will suffer long-lasting medical, economic and moral consequences. It is not only by our actions but inaction that history will judge us. We have the power to change the course of history. I strongly encourage you to see the film, support our project and become a true Defender of the Oath.

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