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Volume 38, No. 2

Your Gut's Gone Viral
Everywhere you turn, it seems, there's news about the human microbiome. And, more specifically, about the bacteria that live in your gut and help keep you healthy. Those bacteria, it turns out, are hiding a big secret: their own microbiome. A... Read More
Why We Waste Food
Your household will probably waste $1,500 of food this year, but there's a way to fix that A recent report by some of my colleagues at Harvard Law School estimates that up to 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes... Read More
No Microbiome Obesity Link?
For people with weight problems, news headlines in recent years may have brought relief, as researchers studying the microscopic creatures inside our bodies reported possible links between obesity and an out-of-whack balance of microbes. But a new... Read More
Americans Eating More Meat
It seems the U.S. just can’t get enough meat. Or does it? According to data released this week by Rabobank, a research firm specializing in food and agriculture, per-capita meat consumption in the U.S. last year rose at a higher rate than... Read More
Antibiotics and Food Allergies
Infection in the first year of life can be deadly for an infant, and antibiotic treatment is often the first port of call. But such treatment may have a downside; new research from the University of South Carolina finds early antibiotic exposure... Read More
Obesity Rates Fall in Four States
There's some good news about obesity in the U.S. for a change. Rates of obesity fell in four states last year: Minnesota, Montana, New York and Ohio, according to a report released Thursday. Colorado is the slimmest state, with just 20 percent of... Read More

Focus on Health

Pollution particles 'get into brain'

Tiny particles of pollution have been discovered Read More

7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise

You probably have a vague sense that exercise is Read More

Nutrition in the News

The Food We Eat Daily That Leads To Poor Heart Health For Our Children

Earlier this year, I called attention  Read More

Farm-to-School Program

Chris and Jan Waggoner spent nearly 20 years Read More

Feature Recipes

Spicy Shrimp with Pesto Noodles

For the pesto, pulse all the ingredients in a foo Read More

Squash Soup

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Brush the fles Read More

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