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Volume 38, No. 2

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Autism Research Setback

Published on June 12 2012
  A freezer malfunction at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital has severely damaged one-third of the world’s largest collection of autism brain samples, potentially setting back research on the disorder by years, scientists say....


Published on March 27 2012
It was the two-headed baby trout that got everyone’s attention. Images from the appendix of a report by the J. R. Simplot Company show the mutated offspring of trout from Idaho creeks. The report concluded that selenium should be allowed in...

GMO Warnings

Published on March 27 2012
For America's agricultural biotech companies, the corn rootworm is threatening to turn into their worst nightmare. Last year, we reported that a major insect pest, the corn rootworm, had "found a chink in the armor" of genetically...

Animal Antibiotics

Published on March 27 2012
Back in 1977, the FDA proposed a ban on putting penicillin and other antibiotics in animal feed solely for the purpose of promoting growth. Amazingly, that proposal has been gathering dust long enough to begin losing its hair and regretting its life...

Cosmetic Safety

Published on March 27 2012
In the wake of recent scandals involving mercury in face cream, formaldehyde in hair products and lead in lipstick, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has called the first official Congressional hearing on cosmetics safety in more than 30 years...

Chemicals in your Home

Published on March 27 2012
It's pretty well known that products like vinyl shower curtains and floor tiles, personal care products and household cleaners expose people to a variety of harmful chemicals that have been linked to asthma and reproductive problems, including...

Filthy Instruments

Published on March 27 2012
After John Harrison caught a dangerous infection during routine shoulder surgery, Harrison and his wife, Laura, filed a lawsuit against The Methodist Hospital in Houston and Stryker, the manufacturer of a medical device that was found to be dirty....

Fighting Memory Loss

Published on March 27 2012
Compelling research will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 64th Annual Meeting to explain how overeating may double the risk of memory loss, or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), among people aged 70 and older. Cognitive decline...

NanoTech Lawsuit

Published on January 6 2012
Nanotechnology is a powerful platform technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. Just as the size and chemical characteristics of manufactured nanomaterials give them unique properties, those same...

Nutrition & Prostate Health

Published on January 5 2012
The prostate is an organ that sits snuggled up under the bladder. Its biological purpose is to produce semen. As time goes on, however, many men have an enlargement of their prostates, causing annoying and sometimes painful urinary problems. The...

Restaurant Noise

Published on January 5 2012
Ever wonder why you seem to drink more and eat faster at a noisy restaurant? George Prochnik, author of In Pursuit of Silence, has the fascinating science behind this everyday phenomenon. Not long ago, I found myself in a new barbecue restaurant in...

Garden on the Go

Published on January 5 2012
Garden on the Go is bringing fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables to neighborhoods in Marion County, Indiana Indiana University Health's Garden on the Go is an effort to improve access to affordable fruits and vegetables in "food deserts...

Partnership Questioned

Published on January 5 2012
The Alliance for Natural Health recently critized the American Dietetic Association [newly rechristened as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics], partnerships with the the junk food and pharmaceutical industries.  Naturally, the ADA...

Prenatal Flavor Learning

Published on January 5 2012
What if a mother could pre­dispose her child to like broccoli or Brussels sprouts — or at least to not make a face and spit it out — by what she ate during pregnancy? Some health-care practitioners are suggesting that if mothers...

Most important Nutrient?

Published on January 5 2012
Surprising Supplement Can Cut Your Risk of Dying by FIFTY PERCENT  Taking vitamin D supplements in order to overcome a deficiency in the vitamin could cut your risk of dying by more than half. An analysis of more than 10,000 patients found...

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