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Volume 38, No. 2

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'Fresh' Squeezed?

Published on October 12 2011
The leading orange juice companies such as Tropicana (owned by PepsiCo), Minute Maid and Simply Orange (owned by Coca-Cola), and Florida’s Natural tell us many stories about orange juice: it’s natural, it’s pure and simple, it...

Vaccine Safety

Published on October 10 2011
Worry over vaccine risks continue to be an issue, even becoming fodder for the Presidential candidates.  A just released analysis, by the Institute of Medicine, of more than 1,000 research articles claims that few health problems are caused by...

Bee Decline

Published on October 10 2011
Scientists are investigating a possible link between tiny particles of pollution found in diesel fumes and the global collapse of honey bee colonies. Professor Guy Poppy, an ecologist, Dr Tracey Newman, a neuroscientist, and their team from the...

Blood Pressure Gene

Published on October 10 2011
In one of the largest genomics studies ever, an international research consortium that includes the National Institutes of Health has identified 29 genetic variations across 28 regions of the human genome that influence blood pressure. This...

Filthy Fish in US

Published on October 10 2011
Filthy seafood infected with bacteria or tainted with drugs and antibiotics banned in the U.S. is finding its way onto the plates of Americans, according to state and federal officials, consumer advocates, academics and food safety experts. The U.S...


Published on October 10 2011
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, often referred to as NSAIDS, are assumed to be well tolerated and are widely used as an initial therapy for common inflammation.  Everyone is familiar with these types of drugs with millions using them for...

Nasal Spray for Alzheimer's

Published on October 10 2011
 A new study released Monday shows that insulin applied daily through a special nasal spray might be a treatment that slows or stops the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s hopeful news for millions facing the memory-robbing...

Enviroment & Autism

Published on July 5 2011
 According to The California Autism Twins Study, environmental influences including parental age, low birth weight, multiple births and maternal infections during pregnancy may significantly increase the risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD...

"Natural" Hot Dogs

Published on July 5 2011
If there is no such thing as a healthy hot dog, how do you limit the damage at a summer cookout? Linda Boardman, president of Applegate Farms, has proposed new labels to the U.S.D.A. to no avail, according to an article in the July 1st New York...

What is Fair Trade

Published on June 30 2011
The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus has recommended that TransFair USA, which licenses use of "fair trade" seals, modify the authorized language that accompanies seals provided for personal-care...

Cancer Risk from Omega-3

Published on June 30 2011
Heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids may increase the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer, whilst omega-6 and trans-fats may reduce the risk of the cancer, according to new research. The counter intuitive findings come from a study published...

FDA: Less Antimicrobials

Published on April 7 2011
FDA Issues Draft Guidance on the Judicious Use of Medically Important Antimicrobials in Food-Producing Animals The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today issued draft guidance intended to help reduce the development of resistance to medically...


Published on April 7 2011
Hypothyroidism results from deficient production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland. Since the thyroid hormones regulate metabolism in every cell of the body, a deficiency can affect virtually all body functions. Deficiency of thyroid hormones...

NO to antibacterials

Published on March 16 2011
Dioxins are a group of highly toxic compounds that are persistent environmental pollutants. People are exposed to dioxins through the environment and the food chain -- the highest levels of these compounds are found in soils, sediments and food such...

Radiation & Iodine

Published on March 16 2011
With the terrible earthquake in Japan, let’s send thoughts, prayers as well as assistance to the Japanese. I have had inquiries about the use of iodine to prevent problems secondary to the nuclear fallout that will occur. As the Japanese...

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