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Volume 38, No. 2

Dr. Usman on Autism

Anju Usman, MD gave a lecture titled: Biochemical Individuality and Autism in Oak Park on March 24. As director of the True Health Medical Center, Naperville, IL, Dr. Usman is very aware of the current Autism epidemic and how the number of cases is rising. She often treats autistic symptoms with biomedical interventions, for example melatonin to help sleep.

One of her main points in the lecture is that Autism is not only genetically based; it’s actually triggered by many chemicals and neurotoxins in children’s environment and in their diet.

There are also economic and political issues because many of these heavy metals and toxins are given to our infant children in their vaccines before the infants can properly detoxify them.

Dr. Usman described in great detail interconnected cycles that are used to detoxify, including methalation. Often children need dopamine for better motor skills. Many can overcome these genetic defects with good nutrition and specific biochemicals. One key example is methyl cobalammine (the preferred form of vitamin B12). High mercury levels can be found in the mothers of autistic children who consumed tuna during pregnancy.

Dr. Usman treats many other areas including the GI tract and infections. Treatments can include chelating, diets, and HBOT (hyperbanic oxygen therapy). In conclusion, she said we need much more research and for insurance companies to recognize autism as a disease, not just mental disorder.

by Andrew Fisher

A DVD of Dr. Usman’s lecture is available from NOHA through our website, [now ] . True Health Medical Center is located in Naperville, Illinois. Telephone: 630-995-4242

Article from NOHA News Journal

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