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Volume 38, No. 2

Healing Energies of Heat and Light


Andrew Fisher displaying a blanket of pulsed LEDs-red, blue, white, and infrared

Gentle energies from heat and light have amazing healing properties. This April NOHA Speaker Charles T. McGee, MD, gave us a lecture on the wonderful things he has learned about both these kinds of energy.

In 1977 Dr. McGee's friend Rodger Q. Estes "invented a medical device to treat hemorrhoids with a heated probe. Going far beyond its stated indications, doctors in China tried the device in two cases of rectal cancer and the cancers disappeared. Rodger was invited to visit China where he was treated royally." On account of this connection, Dr. McGee has been invited and has visited China six times. His hosts were eager to teach him about qigong, an ancient system of healing that had been kept secret until the 1980s for thousands of years in monasteries and for the exclusive use of emperors. A qigong master can perform wonderful healing even at a distance. The energy they can emit can pass through lead. This energy has not been characterized although efforts have been made to do so. Attempting to debunk the power of one master, Yan Xin, he was asked to increase and then to decrease the degradation rate of a small slug of the radioactive compound Americium-241. He did so. This action "violates the laws of physics. . . . In more than 40 repetitions Yan Xin altered the decay rate up or down to a similar degree according to his mental intent." In every case it took about eleven days for the material to return slowly to normal.

The heated probe, which so intrigued the Chinese, does have effects at a distance in the body, specifically on the prostate and also enhancing the immune system. Explaining these effects, the qigong masters point out that the anus is at the intersection of the conception vessel and the governing vessel in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The former passes up the front of the body through the thymus gland and the latter up the back through the prostate gland.

Healing effects of colored light have been recognized in Russia for 300 years. For example, sunlight through stained glass windows has been known to help with back pain. Laser lights with their coherent monochromatic beams are used for cutting in industry and for surgery. "Soft" lasers, when the power is so reduced that there is no injury to living tissue, has been used for healing. Actually, the light does not have to be a laser because the coherent beam is so weak that it scatters when it touches flesh. Consequently, a simple light emitting diode (LED) has been found to be just as effective in healing as a "soft" laser and a LED can be used by anyone and is much less expensive than any kind of laser.

Over the years Dr. McGee and his friend Rodger Estes have learned a great deal about healing properties of various colored LEDs. The most amazing discoveries stemmed from Dr. McGee's knowledge of the work of Paul M. F. Nogier, MD, a French physician, with whom Dr. McGee studied in 1975 and 1976 in Lyon, France. Using an exceedingly sensitive pulse test, a frequency generator, and a hand-held probe Dr. Nogier had been able to discover frequencies-vibrations-that are in resonance with various body tissues.

He must have been astounded by the orderliness of a pattern he discovered. He found that specific body tissues were in resonance with specific frequencies according to their embryologic origin. . . . I believe this single finding will one day be recognized as one of the greatest discoveries of medicine, possibly worth a Nobel Prize for Nogier.

The embryos of all animals, including us, form into three tissues: ectoderm (outside skin), endoderm (inside skin), and mesoderm (middle skin). All organs form from these three tissues. The pattern of resonating frequencies is the same in all animals-"a monumental discovery." When illness occurred in particular tissues and organs, Dr. Nogier found that he could initiate dramatic healing responses by treating with the appropriately selected resonance frequencies (pulsed on and off). "Nogier offered a basic theory of sickness and healing. When we become ill, cells, molecules, or particles of matter are out of their normal resonance, or vibratory pattern. They often can recover when they are exposed to their normal resonance frequencies over and over in what could be called a retraining program."

Dr. Nogier discovered that these three frequencies, which resonate with the three embryonic tissues, are harmonics of the musical note "D" (American system). In addition to these three specific frequencies, tests have been done with two harmonic frequencies lower (including "D" itself) and with two harmonic frequencies higher. All seven of these frequencies appear to be life enhancing. The very highest one (4672 Hertz) can be exceedingly helpful for pain. Dr. McGee recommends having either a pad or a hand-held LED of the lights with the seven frequencies always handy for first aid. Using the highest one (called "E") has resulted in amazing cures, for example, when used promptly, taking away the pain and eliminating blistering in cases of a child or adult touching an exceedingly hot object.

Pulsed LEDs have been used in veterinary medicine for many years, especially for racehorses, who sometimes suffer gross injuries and quite often (if not always the lead horse) they get mud thrown in their faces and suffer corneal injuries. The pulsed LEDs have improved and remarkably quickened healing. The owners of the racehorses are enthusiastic! In his book and in his lecture, which we have on video, Dr. McGee lists our organs and tissues-along with their appropriate Nogier frequencies. Also, he provides a list of illnesses with the helpful LED frequencies.

Stemming from his work with qigong masters in China, Dr. McGee noticed that when they are energized and concentrating for healing, there is a pattern to the palm of the hand-like a target-white in the center of the palm surrounded by reddened tissue. One day he noticed this pattern on the hand of his friend Rodger Estes. It seems that Rodger is a natural qigong master-without the many years of training in concentration, breathing, or any one of the many forms of exercise that have developed in qigong. This was wonderful serendipity! Over the years, when he was at health fairs, selling the anal heater, he would wander around and find that certain things felt great to him. He would gather those things. Gradually he developed a simple program, consisting of four things. First, the two modalities we have described: the anal heater and the LED lights, using the seven frequencies based on the musical note "D" and including the three Nogier frequencies, harmonic with our embryonic tissues, which do develop into all our organs and the other parts of our bodies, including our limbs. Qigong masters have told McGee and Estes that the energy from these blankets and hand-held LEDs ("Chee" lights) is "almost equivalent" to their own energy (qi) with which they can cure the crippled with their intent-even at great distances. Very few people know of the work of Dr. Nogier, so, when you hear about "pulsed LEDs," the frequency of the pulses may be merely random and have nothing to do with the wonderful healing frequencies discovered by Dr. Nogier.

Dr. McGee and his friend, the inventor and qigong master Rodger Estes, have found that using the various healing modalities together has synergistic effects-going beyond each modality alone. In addition to eating fresh, unprocessed food, which all of us in NOHA agree is basic, the other parts of their program are:

  • First, certain nutrients: trace minerals to be taken under the tongue (Rodger prefers anally) and a drink including vitamin C, a flushing dose of niacin, and ribose, a five-sided sugar, which is basic in the structure of DNA, RNA, and the energy molecules, ADP and ATP. Also, Dr. McGee explained that an enzyme made from ribose (ribose polymerase) helps repair DNA. Since breaks in our DNA can be the initiating cause of cancer, ribose polymerase is being carefully studied.
  • Finally, an infrared sauna. If using the sauna one should be most careful that all flushing from the niacin has subsided-in order to avoid low blood pressure from heating and flushing at the same time. In any case, drink ample water because the heat can cause some dehydration.

Radiant heat warms objects directly without heating intervening air. Most of the energy the sun gives off is in the form of radiant heat or infrared waves. When we feel the direct heat of the sun we are being warmed by infrared energy. . . .

The question is, "Can infrared energy have a healing or normalizing effect on the body?" The answer appears to be, "Yes." Medical practitioners in Japan have been advising infrared saunas for patients since 1979 and the idea is so popular over 700,000 units have been sold in that country alone.

Infrared energies penetrate a long way into the body, about an inch and a half. Ordinary heat from bath water or a hot tub penetrates only one-fourth of one inch. This deep heating effect is achievable in an infrared sauna without the temperature rising to the uncomfortable and smothering levels created in a humid steam sauna or Indian sweat lodge.

Japanese researchers have reported beneficial results in a long list of conditions, mostly related to body aches and pains, back pain, and muscle spasms. It has also been reported to help menopausal symptoms, insomnia, acne, and varicose veins. The list goes on and on. Perhaps one of the most dramatic results is in weight loss. Each 30-minute sauna produces enough cardiac conditioning to burn over 900 calories as you just sit there. It is no wonder stories of weight loss are being reported with the use of infrared saunas.

In conclusion, all four of these modalities, especially, of course, the anal heater, the Chee® lights, and the infrared sauna have excellent effects when used individually. However, Dr. McGee and his associates have found that using all four modalities together is synergistic and enhances the healing effects. He suggests once a week for prevention and maintenance of excellent health, one can use all four on the same day.

Material presented in Dr. McGee's April 2004 NOHA* lecture, "Heating Energies of Heat and Light," and additionally in his book, HEALING ENERGIES OF HEAT AND LIGHT; a Quantum Leap in Healthcare, 2000.

Article from NOHA NEWS, Summer 2004

*The American Nutrition Association was formerly known as the Nutrition for Optimal Health Association [NOHA].

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