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George Batista, LCWS, CSN

Primary Practice

Batista Consulting
South Fallsburg
New York
United States
Tel: 917-832-9662

Practitioner Name

George Batista


, Wellness Specialist, Nutrition Consultant, Yoga and Lifestyle

About My Practice & Typical Clients

My practice is designed to help the average person take complete control of there health and well-being. As a Wellness Specialist my job is to evaluate your current diet, lifestyle and medical history. I will work with you to help you set realistic goals and guide you toward achieving these goals in a healthy and safe way. My programs include: lifestyle assessment and recommendations, safe supplementation, fitness goals and stress management. 

*I also deal with a variety of health topics through my weekly internet radio podcast titled Wellness Talk. On this show I focus on the latest news in health, healing and nutrition. 


Specialties & Skills

Arthritis, Corporate Wellness, Detoxification, Diabetes Blood Sugar, Digestive Issues, Headaches, Heartand Blood Pressure, Mens Health, Pain and Inflammation, Presentations and Talks, Sports Nutrition, Stress Reduction, Supplements, Telephone or Web Consults, Weight Management, Wellness Counseling, Nutrition , Yoga and Fitness

Healthcare Philosophy Statement

 I believe in approaching health from the inside out, not the outside in. Your outlook on life has as much to do with your well being as nutrition and fitness. Making a few simple changes in body, mind and spirit over time can lead to a major difference. It all starts with taking responsibility for your health and letting your body's natural healing ability take over.