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Andrea Nakayama (

Primary Practice

Replenish PDX
United States
Replenish PDX

Practitioner Name

Andrea Nakayama, CNE, CHHC, CNC | Megan Liebmann, CHHC | Andie Jones, CNE, CLE


Year My Practice Began


About My Practice & Typical Clients

Functional Nutrition

Specialties & Skills

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Healthcare Philosophy Statement




Are you wondering if there is anyone who can help you?

You’re in the right place if you:

  • have seen numerous health care practitioners, with little to no resolution to your health concerns;
  • need help navigating how to best support yourself through a sea of recommendations from multiple providers;
  • are ready to learn how to take healing home for an outcome that gives you control over your own health.

The answers lie within the healing potential of nutrition. 

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"Andrea's advice resolved a debilitating chronic condition that no allopathic system could."

I cannot speak highly enough of Andrea’s work. She has remarkable depth and understanding of her field — her expertise in the science behind nutrition puts her in a class of her own. That, in itself, would be enough reason to see her. But she is a great health provider because she combines expertise with profound respect for the individual. She does not impose dogma. She adapts relentlessly to a patient’s progress and setbacks. I hesitate to say it, because testimonials lose credibility the bigger the claim they make, but Andrea’s work has changed my life. More directly, her advice resolved a debilitating chronic condition that no allopathic system could. She is a brilliant teacher and guide.

~ Rachel Dyer 


What makes our treatment plans so successful?

Rather than focusing on symptoms and then applying the single “cure,” Functional Nutrition looks at your health as a system or a web requiring an intimate understanding of what makes you, you. This enables us to yield the most effective treatment plan to meet your goals. We’re keen on finding the “root cause” for your health concerns and engaging you and your nutrition plan from that deeper understanding of how to support you at every level.

This process of inquiry leads to a tailor-made approach that evolves over time throughout the nutrition counseling process. We work in response to your body and lifestyle needs so that you can experience the optimal results for addressing what ails you. 

We begin with a detailed understanding of your history, triggering events, lab results, and factors that may be contributing to your ailment. We develop a person-centered summary of findings based upon the following:

  • antecedents: the factors or events that predispose you to illnesses
  • triggers: anything that initiates or provokes the emergence of symptoms
  • mediators: those things that contribute to the manifestation of your symptoms

These discoveries yield an individualized treatment plan, revealed step-by-step through your counseling so as not to overwhelm you. The process is both collaborative and dynamic. We work with you and respond to your physiological and emotional feedback as you implement steady, meaningful changes into your life.

Our solutions are custom-made for you so they are effective and durable. 

Ready to get started?

Your first step in the Replenish PDX Counseling Process involves a two-part Premier Consultation during which we will work closely with you to identify the functional nutrition counselor and path that’s best suited for your individual needs. The two-part Premier Consultation results in a personalized treatment recommendation that will start you on your path to wellness in a way that works for you.

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Educational Programs

Bauman College (CNE), Institute of Integrative Nutrition (CHHC), Bauman College (CNC), In-Progress: University of Western States (MSHNFM)