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Illumine Nutrition & Consulting

Primary Practice

Illumine Nutrition & Consulting
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
576 Cromwell Avenue
Saint Paul
United States
Tel: (651) 343-1098
Illumine Nutrition & Consulting

Practitioner Name

Wendy Sutherland



Year My Practice Began


About My Practice & Typical Clients

The mission of Illumine Nutrition & Consulting is to educate and empower each of our clients to radiantly illumine their innate vitality, optimal health, and personal power through the transformative capacity of Nutritional Therapy.

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic and integrative approach to promoting health and wellness though individually tailored nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. It emphasizes the fundamental importance of a balanced diet centered on nutrient-dense whole foods. A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner seeks to discern and address the root causes of a client's health concerns, rather than simply treating symptoms.

Illumine Nutrition & Consulting offers a variety of services for individuals, families, groups, workplaces, and others -- all designed to optimize health through nutrition. Services include individual Nutritional Therapy for adults and children, classes and presentations, nutritionally focused workplace wellness programs and business consulting services (e.g., writing, editing, program development).

Wendy Sutherland, MPH, NTP founded Illumine Nutrition & Consulting as an ideal context for combining her enthusiasm, compassion, and insight as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with her expertise in educating, writing, and program development, which she developed through nearly 20 years of experience in public health epidemiology and consulting. At Illumine Nutrition & Consulting, we are successful when our clients shine radiantly from within!

Specialties & Skills

Asthma and Allergies, Childrens and Family Nutrition, Corporate Wellness, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional, Diabetes Blood Sugar, Digestive Issues, Food Allergies Sensitivity, Heartand Blood Pressure, Pain and Inflammation, Presentations and Talks, Skin Issues, Telephone or Web Consults, Nutritional Business Consulting (writing, editing, program development)

Healthcare Philosophy Statement

I take an empowering and positive approach to promoting health and wellness through nutritional education, consultation, and individually customized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. In each of the services I provide, I invest time and give my fullest personalized focus to identify, understand, honor, and support the bio-individuality of each client’s unique nutritional strengths and weaknesses.

Educational Programs

Nutritional Therapy Association