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Lorna A. Walker, Ph.D.

Primary Practice

Lorna A. Walker, Ph.D.
1205 Sandretto Drive
Apt C214
United States
Tel: 9542052218

Practitioner Name

Lorna A. Walker


CN, MT(ASCP), PhD, American College of Nutrition

Year My Practice Began


About My Practice & Typical Clients

I am a Ph.D. in Nutrition Education with a B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science. I am also a Certified Nutritionist Consultant. My traditional medical background coupled with my doctorate in nutrition gives me the unique ability to view health conditions from a functional and medical prospective. I specialize in diets for autoimmune conditions, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, histamine intolerance, hypoglycemia, mast cell activation syndrome, and weight loss, as well as general overall health.

Specialties & Skills

Arthritis, Asthma and Allergies, Diabetes Blood Sugar, Digestive Issues, Food Allergies Sensitivity, Herbal Therapies, Supplements, Telephone or Web Consults, Weight Management, Nutrigenomics, Genetic SNP's Counseling

Healthcare Philosophy Statement

I am passionate about nutrition and holistic health. I have witnessed first hand how nutrition and dietary changes can turn around disease. My practice focuses on teaching my clients how they can obtain better health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and genetic analysis. I support the body in healing itself. If you call to make an appointment, please leave a message and your telephone number so I can return your call. Web clients are welcome! Just email me at