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Brady's Healthy Revolution

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Dr. Brady's Healthy Revolution teaches the reader in a concise, no-nonsense, manner what really needs to be done to stay healthy in today's unhealthy world. How has the medical system in the most advanced country on earth failed to effectively address the issues of wellness and health with aging baby-boomers and an obese younger generation? Yesterday on the news you were told that vitamins were good, today you are told they are not, and who knows what will be said tomorrow? What is the truth? There is always a new diet book on the market and a new ticket to losing weight. How do you really separate the hype from the facts about all of these fad diets? What diet strategies are best? What nutritional supplements are really necessary? Are common herbs safe and effective and an alternative to many medications? What type of doctors and healthcare providers are available to help you in seeking health, wellness and innovative approaches to many chronic conditions and what are the differences between them? Are there low-cost basic strategies to help alleviate many common chronic ailments including arthritis, chronic fatigue, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia, and more? Dr. Brady will use his 15 years of experience as a university professor and clinical practitioner of alternative and natural medicine to help you sort it all out in a simple and enjoyable manner in the book Dr. Brady's Healthy Revolution: What You Need to Know to Stay Healthy in a Sick World. -Michael

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Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and MCS
Diabetes and Glycemic
Healthcare Policy and Politics
Nutrition Counseling