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Nutrition Pioneers Webinars



Nutrition Pioneers Series brought to you by

In the Nutrition Pioneer Series, we pay tribute to those scientists, researchers and educators whose early work led to the explosion of research demonstrating the power of nutrition science. We invite you to enjoy these archived presentations, and are grateful to the Bragg Health Foundation for their support in bringing these presentations to you as well as their decades of work and dedication to natural health.



Beatrice Trum Hunter

Beatrice Trum Hunter, a true Nutrition Pioneer, was a Brooklyn-born public school teacher inspired in high school by a book that described American consumers as unwitting guinea pigs for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Mrs. Hunter became an autodidactic apostle of whole grains, honey and vegetable oils as substitutes for refined flours, sugars and animal fats. She authored "The Natural Foods Cookbook" in 1961, long before organic foods became a staple at supermarkets, and took an early stance against pesticide exposure. Mrs. Hunter was a long time Honorary Member of the ANA and was a Nutrition Pioneer!

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