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Official Supporters

AdvoCare International LLP 
At AdvoCare, We Build Champions® through physical and financial wellness. Backed by the latest science, AdvoCare provides innovative nutritional, weight-management, sports performance and skin care products. In addition, the AdvoCare business opportunity empowers individuals to explore their ultimate earning potential. AdvoCare was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas.

Alkemist Labs
Alkemist Labs, an industry recognized leader established in 1997, is a contract testing laboratory that renders comprehensive analytical testing solutions to its clients in the Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Industries to meet their product safety, transportation and quality guidelines. Testing natural products is all they do, and they do it extraordinarily well.

An ISO 17025 flexible scope accredited contract-testing laboratory, Alkemist Labs specializes in plant authentication, botanical ingredient identification and quantitative analytical services, evaluating identity, purity and quality of botanical raw materials, ingredients, and finished products. Their array of critical tools for botanical identity verification includes Composite Reference Botanicals, Extrasynthese’s phytochemical reference standards and AHP-Verified Botanical Reference Materials.   

Amin Talati Upadhye

Amin Talati represents clients in the food, beverage, supplement, drug and cosmetic categories.We serve as litigation counsel in patent & trademark infringement disputes, government actions (FDA, FTC, State AG and NAD), false advertising class actions, Proposition 65 and breach of contract disputes.We also review labels, websites and social media for FDA, USDA and FTC/Advertising compliance. We counsel companies on good manufacturing practices to assure quality and safety of their products.

We also advise on imports, detentions, warning letters, recalls and food safety under the Food Safety and Modernization Act. We further guide clients to protect their inventions (Patents and Trade Secrets), brands (Trademarks) and Copyrights. We search and file patent and trademark applications as well as assist companies with infringement suits and freedom-to-operate opinions to avoid IP challenges. Lastly we advise companies with manufacturing/supplier quality agreements, IP licensing and distribution agreements.

Bragg Health Foundation
To inspire and educate people of all ages throughout the world to adopt a healthy lifestyle through optimal nutrition, exercise, positive attitudes, and spiritual wellness. The Bragg Health Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Carlson Labs
For more than 50 years, Carlson Labs has been recognized as an innovator and leading educator in the field of high-quality nutritional supplements. As one of the first to realize the value of all-natural vitamin E, we opened our doors in 1965 to offer the world’s most complete line of natural-source vitamin E. In 1982, we began educating retailers and consumers about the health benefits of omega-3s and lead the way in bringing cod liver oil and fish oil to the U.S. market. Today, we offer more than 250 vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and other supplements designed with your family’s unique nutritional needs in mind. 

Designs for Health

Designs for Health is a family-owned professional brand, offered exclusively to health care professionals and their patients. For over 25 years, they have been the health care professional's trusted source for research-backed nutritional products. Their guiding philosophy, "Science First," is demonstrated by a commitment to research-driven products, synergistic formulations, and meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients.

Frazier Farms
Frazier Farms has been your natural grocer since 1971. We've built our reputation on customer service. We sell the highest quality natural and organic products available anywhere at prices that represent great value. We understand that without quality there is no value. That's our family's standard and your family deserves nothing less.

A consortium of scientists, institutions and individuals committed to solving the worldwide Vitamin D deficiency epidemic through education and testing. GrassrootsHealth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Jigsaw Health
Since 2005, Jigsaw Health has offered premium dietary supplements with a special focus on Sustained Release Technology (SRT) so absorption happens over time. Jigsaw’s best-selling, top-rated Magnesium w/SRT® has helped nearly 100,000 people feel less achey and more energized. Jigsaw Health was started by Pat Sullivan (father) and Patrick Sullivan Jr. (son). Pat struggled on and off with recurrent, chronic health conditions for over 30 years. But along the way, he found answers. Jigsaw is here to help you find pieces to your health puzzle.
The purpose of is to provide you with valuable health information, partner with like-minded organizations that are as concerned about your health as you are, and push for initiatives that can improve your health, while creating a sustainable world for you and your family.


Natural Partners, Inc.  
Natural Partners is a U.S. based company providing a convenient way for health care practitioners to better serve their patients. Since 1995, we have operated as a one-stop-shop, supplying the alternative health care community with professional-grade natural supplements and products all in one place.

NOW Foods
Founded by Elwood Richard in 1968 on the belief that natural is better, NOW has grown from a small family operation into one of the most highly respected manufacturers in the natural products industry. Still a family-owned company today, NOW provides customers with a comprehensive approach to wellness by offering more than 1,400 dietary supplements, foods, sports nutrition and personal care products. After 45 years in the natural products industry, NOW remains committed to its original mission–to provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

Ortho Molecular Products, Inc.
Ortho Molecular Products, Inc. has been manufacturing dietary supplements with unsurpassed efficacy for over 25 years. An indispensable partner to health care professionals, Ortho Molecular Products is an innovation leader, having developed products such as Natural D-Hist, Ortho Biotic and Orthomega. Deeply committed to their long-standing pledge to honor the doctor-patient relationship, Ortho Molecular Products believes evidence-based, lifestyle and nutritional therapies will transform the practice of medicine. To that end, Ortho Molecular Products is dedicated to creating innovative clinical models to help healthcare professionals implement lifestyle medicine into their clinical practice.


Standard Process
For over 85 years, Standard Process has been the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. Headquartered in Palmyra, Wis., Standard Process offers more than 300 high-quality supplements with whole food ingredients through three product lines. The products are available exclusively through health care professionals.

Dedicated to the whole food philosophy of founder Dr. Royal Lee, Standard Process’ goal is to ensure that its nutritional supplements deliver the complex nutrients as nature intended. To accomplish this, Standard Process grows the majority of its ingredients on company-owned, organically certified farmland. The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to retain vital nutrients within each ingredient and employs high quality control standards, including adhering to the Food and Drug Administration’s good manufacturing practice requirements.

The Westreich Foundation 
The Westreich Foundation is an Initiative-based private foundation focusing on health, wellbeing and prevention. Ruth Westreich, the President, is a visionary thought leader, strategic thinker and collaborative partner in projects that move new paradigms in Integrative, Palliative and Natural Medicine forward. Her Foundation underwrites educational programs that foster creativity, and works to train leaders and managers as agents of change. She believes that people and businesses can 'do well while doing good’. Ruth, an artist by birth, an activist by accident, was the underwriter of The Art of Original Thinking—The Making of a Thought Leader, with Jan Phillip