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ANA Presentations Since 1972 - OLD


Mari Gallagher speaking on Food Deserts, April 2012

The ANA is proud of our long tradition of present top experts in the health and nutrition field.  Below is a partial list of some of our past presentations.  Some programs are available for purchase on DVD or download.  Email us to inquire about programs you are interested in viewing.  You can view excerpts of some recent programs on the ANA's YouTube channel.


Date   Speaker Presentation
10/31/13   The Effectiveness of Natural
Products & Integrative Medicine
for Pain Management
available on our YouTube Channel on or about November 12, 2013
10/9/13 Cordain Webinar Hyperinsulinemic Diseases of Civilization: More than The Metabolic Syndrome View Presentation here
5/10/13 40th anniversary event   Video coming soon
4/23/13 Dr. Jonny Bowden The Great Cholesterol Myth View Presentation here
1/9/13 Judy Stone 

How Nutrition Licensure Laws Affect You

View Presentation here


Dr. Walsh Nutrient Power – Advanced Therapies for Mental Illness, ADHD, Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease

Download his presentation here

Watch the presentation here


  Nutrition, Prevention and the Affordable Care Act

Watch the video here


ANA Annual Conference in partnership with National Health Research Institute
Evidence-based Natural Solutions to Symptoms Related to Perimenopause and Menopause
Tori Hudson, ND

Watch the video here.
Introduction begins at the 8:30 minute mark. Tori Hudson, ND begins at the 18:00 minute mark.

Safety and Efficacy of Botanical Dietary Supplements as Alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy
Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CN

Watch the video here.
Tori Hudson, ND continues for the first 8 minutes of this link. Richard B. van Breeman, PhD begins at the 8:00 minute mark.

Managing Obesity with Natural Dietary Supplements: Lessons Learned from Clinical Studies
Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CN

Watch the video here.
Richard B. van Breeman, PhD continues until the 12:00 minute mark of this link. Harry G. Preuss, MD, MACN, CN begins at the 12:10 minute mark.

Isoflavones and Breast Cancer Growth and Progression: A Complex Story Involving Dose, Timing of Exposure & Source of Isoflavones
William Helferich, PhD

Watch the video here.
William Helferich, PhD begins at the 1:00 minute mark of this link.

Using Botanicals, Hedgehogs, and Oxysterols in the Prevention of Human Disease
Dennis Lubhan, PhD

Watch the video here.
Dennis Lubhan, PhD begins at the 1:20 minute mark of this link.

Natural Approaches for Women’s Common Digestive Issues: Focus on Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Constipation
Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN

Watch the video here.
Elizabeth Lipski, PhD, CCN, CHN begins at the 4:21 minute mark of this link.

Panel Discussion

Watch the video here.
Panel Discussion begins at the 11:00 minute mark of this link.


Date   Speaker Presentation


Mari Gallagher From Food Desert to Food Oasis: How ANA Members Can Have an Impact

Read Mari's response to NY Times article

3/12 Michael F. Holick, PhD MD FACN The D-Lightful Vitamin D  
10/11 Allen Dobson, PhD. Discussion of Methods Used to Study Reductions in Healthcare Cost through Dietary Supplements - watch video
10/11 Russell Jaffe, PhD MD FACN Proactive Primary Prevention Programs: Evidence of Savings Through Application of Supplements to Treat Dietary Deficiencies - watch video
10/11 Artemis P. Simopoulos MD FACN Economic and Health Implications of Changing America’s Oil: The Omega-3 Opportunity - watch video
10/11 Meg Jordan, PhD RN CWP Let Sanity Reign: The Undeniable Health-Wealth Connection for a Happier, Healthier Society - watch video
10/11 Mark Blumenthal

Technology and the Safety of Natural Products: Optimizing Disease Prevention Through Clinically Tested Dietary Supplements - watch video

 9/11 Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD,CCN

Inflammation is Repair Deficit: The Physiology First Approach to Diabetes
Watch webcast

9/11 Healthcare Symposium Question & Answer Session - watch video
5/11 David Brownstein, MD

Iodine for Thyroid & Health: A Holistic Approach
Watch full Video of Program - Free
Watch Program Slides: Part #1 Part #2  Part #3

3/11 Robert Abel Jr., MD

The Eye - Brain Connection
Watch Full Video of Program - FREE
View Slides from Presentation


Julie H. Burns, MS, RD, CCN

Using Nutrition to Optimize Performance and Health in Athletes
Sample Meal Handout
Food Selection Guide
Recovery Drink Formula
Protein Supplementation during Exercise

10/10 Nicholas Gonzalez, MD Nutrition Individuality: One Diet Does Not Fit All

Jeffrey Moss, DDS, CNS, DACBN

The Stress-Disease Link:
The Essential Role of Clinical Nutrition

PowerPoint Presentation

3/10 Epstein, Samuel, MD

Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Health
Presentation Slides
Powerpoint Slides
How to download Slides

11/09 Lipski, Liz, PhD and Chef Ryan Hutmacher Fight Inflammation with Food!
10/09 O'Bryan, Thomas, DC and Sueson Vess Take Gluten-Free Living to the Next Level
5/09 Jaffe, Russell, MD, PhD Metabolic Syndrome
3/09 Reynes, Carlos, MD Drug-Nutrient Interactions
3/09 Usman, Anju, MD Autism: Implementing the Interventions
3/09 Pangborn, Jon, PhD Autism: Introduction to Interventions
11/08 Cordain, Loren, PhD The Paleo Diet: Implementing 
11/08 Cordain, Loren, PhD The Paleo Diet: Introduction
11/07 O'Bryan, Thomas, DC Taming the Beast: Strategies to Address Metabolic Syndrome
10/07 Levin, Neil, CCN, DANLA Sweeteners Science and Health                                                                
9/07 Ross, Julia The Food-Mood Connection
5/07 Brownstein, David, MD Holistic Medicine for the 21st century
5/07 Ayoub, David, MD Autism: The Science, The Politics, The Treatments                    
4/07 Gittleman, Ann Louise, PhD, CNS The 7 Hidden Weight Gain Factors
3/07 Slama, Jim Building Access to Local and Organic Food
11/06 Boxer, Robert, MD A Unique Perspective on Allergies
4/06 Howard, Martha, MD Gluten Sensitivity: Unmasking the Great Pretender
10/06 Challem, Jack The PreDiabetes Prescription
9/06 Walsh, William, PhD Nutritional Approach to Mental Disorders
5/06 Jaffe, Russell, MD PhD Nutrition Strategies to Help us Survive and Thrive
4/06 Horner, Christine, MD Waking the Warrior Goddess
11/05 Smith, Jeffrey The Seeds of Deception: GMO Foods
10/05 Corish, Robert, MD Heart Health
5/05 Harding, Pauline, MD Menopause and Andropause
4/05 Rogers, Sherry A, MD Healing the Impossible
12/04 O'Bryan, Thomas, DC  How Wheat Harms Your Brain
10/04 Brasco, Joseph, MD Restoring Your Digestive Health
5/04 Jaffe, Russell, MD The Key Role of Adequate Supplementation
4/04 McGee, Charles, MD Healing Energies of Heat and Light
2/04 Porter,  Warren, PhD Do Pesticides Affect Learning and Behavior?
11/03 Catellani, Connie, MD Beyond Hormone Replacement Therapy, Now What Healthy Options?
11/03 Rapp,  Doris, MD The Chemical Time Bomb
10/03 Challem, Jack The Inflammation Syndrome
9/03 Mercola, Joseph, DO "The No Grain Diet"                                         
5/03 Rea,  William J, MD Environmental Aspects of Health and Disease
4/03 Allen, Susan, RD, CCN Natural Remedies for Joint Pain
3/03 Roza, James, CN Are Dietary Supplements Really Unregulated?
2/03 Eisenstein, Mayer, MD, Carbone, Michelle, MD, Mullarkey, Barbara Educate Before You Vaccinate -- Children or Adults
2/03 Holt, Stephan, MD Combating Syndrome X, Y and Z
11/02 Minsky, Bonnie, MA, MPH, CNS Our Children's Health: America's Kids in Nutritional Crisis & What We Can Do To Help Them
9/02 Mercola, Joseph, DO New Insights on Vitamins for Cancer, Heart Disease and Osteoporosis
5/02 Simopoulos, Artemis, MD The Mediterranean Diets                                  
4/02 Rapp,  Doris, MD Why Are You Sick?  Find Out What You Can Do About It
3/02 Richer, Stuart, PhD Treating Age-Related Macular Degeneration Nutritionally
2/02 Sardi, Bill The Iron Time Bomb
5/01 Stone, Thomas L, MD Immunity, Allergies, and Digestion
4/01 Walsh, William J, PhD Balancing Biochemistry Naturally
3/01 Atwood, Dorothy Fisher What's In Your Drinking Water & How Safe Is It?
2/01 Pangborn, Jon N, PhD, ChE Assessing your Nutritional Needs
11/00 Papas, Andreas, PhD The Vitamin E Factor
10/00 Challem, Jack & Smith, Melissa Syndrome X: Diet Plan for Insulin Resistance
9/00 Newmark, Thomas M Beyond Aspirin: COX-2 Inhibitors
5/00 Brocksmith, Carolyn Gallagher; Olberg, Gary, MD; Boxer, Robert, MD ADD-ADHD: The Food Connection - An Alternative to Ritalin and Other Drugs
4/00 Ortheofer, Frank, PhD Lecithin and Health
3/00 Berndtson, Keith, MD Male Menopause: The Testosterone Syndrome
11/99 Roizen, Michael, MD Real-Age: Are You as Young as You Can Be?
10/99 Abel, Robert, Jr, MD The Eye Care Revolution
9/99 Berkson, Burton, MD The Next Millennium Anti-Oxidant: The Alpha-Lipoic Acid Breakthrough
5/99 Cass, Hyla, MD Herbs for Mental Health: St. John's Wort & Kava - Nature's Cures
4/99 Crayhon, Robert, MS Nutrition Made Simple
3/99 Baum, Seth, MD An Invasive Cardiologist's Journey into Natural Medicine
1/99 Epstein, Samuel S, MD Cancer Prevention
11/98 Lyman, Howard The Cowboy Who Put the Cattle Industry on the Grill
10/98 Simopoulos, Artemis, MD The Omega Plan
9/98 Holt, Stephan, MD The Soy Revolution
9/98 Mercola, Joseph, DO How to Improve Your Energy and Normalize Your Weight with Biochemically Optimized Nutrition
5/98 Baker, Sidney, MD Detoxification and Healing - the Key to Optimal Health
4/98 Germano, Carl, RD, CNS, LDN The Brain Wellness Plan
3/98 Irwin, John, MD Arthritis Begone
11/97 Fallon, Sally Nourishing Traditions: The Characteristics of Healthy, Traditional Diets
9/97 Mowrey, Daniel, PhD Herbal Tonic Therapies
4/97 Passwater, Richard, PhD The New Generation of Antioxidants
4/97 Crawford, Michael, PhD Essential Fatty Acids for the Brain and Heart
3/97 Messina, Mark, PhD Health Benefits of Plant Based Diets
11/96 Epstein, Samuel, MD Bovine Growth Hormone and Other Toxins in our Food
10/96 Smith, Lendon, MD How to Raise a Healthy Child
9/96 Gittleman, Ann Louise, PhD CNS Super Nutrition for Men and the Women Who Love Them
5/96 Regelson, William, MD The Melatonin Miracle
4/96 Moss, Ralph W, PhD Questioning Chemotherapy: Making Informed Decisions on Conventional and Nutritional Therapies
3/96 Farnsworth, Norman R, PhD Herbal Medicine: Fact and Fiction
96 Pollack, Yosef, LA, LMT The Vegetarian Diet
2/96 Hrisco, Cynthia, RD,LD,CNS Food Allergies: Detection, Manifestation, Treatment
1/96 Levin, Neil, CCN The Macrobiotic Diet
1/96 Marlowe, Jim, CN Improving Your Child’s Diet
11/95 Blaylock, Russell L, MD Food Additives and Brain Damage (MSG and Aspartame)
10/95 Crook, William G, MD Yeast Connection: What’s New?
9/95 Bucci, Luke, PhD Pain Free (arthritis, low back pain, sports injuries)
4/95 Brown, Donald, ND Men’s Health & Prostate Disorders
3/95 Walsh, William J, PhD Behavior & Nutrition for Your Children & Grandchildren
2/95 Goldstrich, Joe D, MD Painless Prescription for a Healthy Heart
2/95 Riesen, Willis, PhD, CCN Foundations of Nutrition Series Part VI - Minerals
2/95 Levin, Neil, CCN Foundations of Nutrition Series Part V - Vitamins
1/95 Golick, Jim, CCN Foundations of Nutrition Series Part IV - Fats
1/95 Garrett, Dewitt Jr, DN Foundations of Nutrition Series - Part Three - Fiber and Carbohydrates
2/95 Arneson, Deborah; & Finlayson, Douglas R, MD Foundations of Nutrition Series Part 2 - Proteins & Amino Acids
12/94 Limberg, Leslie Foundations of Nutrition Series Part I - Introduction and Background
11/94 Messina, Mark, PhD Soy for Prevention of Cancer and Chronic Disease
10/94 Millichap,  J Gordon, MD Avoiding Environmental Poisons in Our Food
9/94 Olwin, John, MD, & Shambaugh, George, Jr, MD Remarkable Therapies: Chelation and CO Q10 (Q&A with audience)
9/94 Lebovitz, Brian E, PhD Nutrients of the 90’s: Co Q10, Carotenoids, Bioflavonoids
5/94 Clark, James P, PhD Vitamin E: The Most Important Fat Soluble Antioxidant
4/94 Rath, Mathias, MD Eradicating Heart Disease (Vitamin C)
3/94 Smith, Bob Is Organic Better?
1/94 Stitt, Paul, MS All Calories Are Not Created Equal (Aspartame)
11/93 Schmidt, Michael A, BS, DC Beyond Antibiotics: Healthier Options for Optimal Health
10/93 Gittleman, Ann Louise, PhD, CNS Super Nutrition for Menopause
9/93 Block, Keith, MD Impact of Nutrition on Cancer Recovery
5/93 Schauss, Alexander, PhD Zinc Therapy for Eating Disorders? - Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity
5/93 Colgan, Michael, __ How to Lose Fat and Retain Muscle: The New Nutrition of Weight Loss
4/93 Gussow, Joan, EdD Agriculture, Food Processing and Health: Chicken Little - The Sky Is Falling
3/93 Wolfe, Honora Lee, CMT, Dipl Ac Eating for Longevity: Traditional Chinese Dietary Principles
11/92 Lonsdale, Derrick, MD Refined Sugar and Vitamin B1: What You Should Know
10/92 Roberts, HJ, MD Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Is It Safe?
9/92 Evans, Gary, PhD Beneficial Effects of Chromium Picolinate With: Body Fat Loss, Blood Cholesterol, Diabetes, and Muscle Mass Development
92 Levine, Mark, MD New Research on Vitamin C
4/92 Wiley, Rudolph A, PhD Bio-Balance: The Acid/Alkaline Solution to the Food Mood Health Puzzle
3/92 Enig, Mary, PhD Fats, Oils, Cholesterol, and Disease: Separating Fact From Fiction
2/92 Block, Keith, MD Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
11/91 Gittleman, Ann Louise, MS Super Nutrition for Women
10/91 Blumberg, Jeffrey, PhD Beneficial Effects of Vitamin E on Immune System
9/91 Schwartz, George R, MD In Bad Taste: The MSG Syndrome
5/91 Quillin, Patrick, PhD Safe Eating and Protective Nutrients
4/91 Stroud, Robert, MD Arthritis and Food Allergies
3/91 Shambaugh, George Jr, MD Anti-Aging Nutrients (Zinc)
2/91 Smith, Lendon, MD Biochemistry of Life
11/90 Beasley, Joseph D, MD The Kellogg Report: Impact of Nutrition, Environment, and Lifestyle on the Health of America
10/90 Stitt, Paul, MS The Power of Foods to Prevent Cancer (Flax Oil)
9/90 Hunter, Beatrice Trum Substitute Fats and Sweeteners
5/90 Bland, Jeffrey S, PhD Nutrition: Prevention and Treatment of Addictions
4/90 Jaffe, Russell, MD, PhD Facts, Fads and Nutritional Falacies
3/90 Werbach, Melvyn, MD Third Line Medicine
89 Crook, William G, MD Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & The Yeast Connection
10/89 Schoenthaler The Impact of Nutrition on Academic Performance and Behavior
9/89 Klatz, Ron, DO; & Buishas, Joe, Sports Nutritionist; & Vicory, James, R EdD Focus on Fitness: The Dangers of Steroids; Sports Nutrition - Finding Fitness, Looking Good, Feeling Good, Being Good
5/89 Block, Keith, MD A New Clinical Model for Disease Prevention and Treatment: Immunity Enhancement to Promote Health
6/89 Gaby, Alan, MD Yes, You Can Delay the Aging Process
4/89 Rimland, Bernard, PhD Nutrition, Behavior, and the Nutritional Supplement Controversy
2/89 Whitaker, Julian M, MD Reversing Diabetes
2/89 Nequin, Noel, MD; & Lipksi, Liz, BS Optimal Health and Nutrition for the Heart
1/89 Igram, Cass, DO; Lubowich, Ken, CA, OMD; & Gottlieb, Seymour, DDS Pain Panel: Biochemistry and Physiology of Pain; Acupuncture - An Ancient Method Used in Modern Times; Hypnosis for Pain Relief and Patient Anxiety
12/88 Stone, Thomas L, MD Your Body Can Fight Back
11/88 Walsh, William J, PhD The Role of Chemical Imbalances
9/88 Cheraskin, Emanuel, MD, DMD If You Ask Different Questions... (About Nutrition) You’ll Get Different Answers
9/88 Benbow, Doug, MS; Gray, Judy Kay, MS; & Minsky, Bonnie, MA Energize with the Whole Health Experience - Exercise, Color Therapy, and Nutrition
6/88 Smith, Lendon, MD Health Throughout the Decades of Life
5/88 Wright, Sharon, ___ Fresh Fruits and Chemicals
4/88 Hoffer, Abram, PhD, MD Nutritional Approach to Mental Illness
Mar-88 Null, Gary America's Health Crisis
2/88 Gottlieb, Iris, MA, Jones, Marge, RN, & Whitman, Shirley, ACSW NOHA Members Sharing Their Personal Experiences: Menopause, Food Allergies, and High Cholesterol
12/87 Hill, Stuart B, PhD Soil, Food and Health
11/87 Weiner, Michael A, PhD Nutrition for Maximum Immunity
10/87 Beasley, Joseph  D, MD Wrong Diagnosis, Wrong Treatment: The Plight of the Alcoholic in America
9/87 Gottlieb, Seymour, DDS, Herrick, Phyllis; & Minsky, Bonnie, MA Lifestyles for Optimal Health: Traveling, Ordering from Menus, Shopping Tips
6/87 Pauling, Linus, PhD, & Bland, Jeffrey S, PhD NOHA’s 15th Anniversary Celebration: Dr. Pauling on Vitamin C (Introduction by Jeffrey Bland)
5/87 Wisner, Michael Environmental Toxins and Their Effects on Health
3/87 Black, Dean, PhD Accepting Responsibility for Your Health
2/87 Pangborn, Jon N, PhD, ChE Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids
1/87 Aldworth, Grace; Archibald, Sue; & Feldman, Sharon NOHA Members Sharing Their Personal Experiences: Cancer, Depression, and Rheumatoid Arthritis
12/86 Lands, William EM, PhD Fish and Human Health
10/86 Zeller, Mitchell & Parcells, Margaret R The Politics of Nutrition
9/86 Hunter, Beatrice Trum Update on Food Safety
8/86 Mandell, Marshall, MD Bio-Ecologic Illness: The Connection Between the Environment and the Body
4/86 Stone, Thomas L, MD Candida Albicans and The Immune System
1/86 Buikstra, Jane E, PhD Paleolithic Nutrition
3/86 Umbdenstock, Anthony J Jr, PhD Osteoporosis: Age Old Question
2/86 O’Bryan, Thomas, DC; Shepard, Dane, DO; & Boxer, Robert, MD Alternative Health Care Therapies: Chiropractic & Homeopathy
12/85 Thorek, Philip, MD Hyperlidpidemia: Shall I By Pass the By-Pass?
10/85 Rimland, Bernard, PhD Nutritional Approaches to Treatment of Retarded, Autistic, Hyperactive, and Learning Disabled Children
9/85 Randolph, Theron G, MD, Vittenson, Lillian; & Olwin, John H, MD, PhD The Role of Nutrition in Our Practice: Food Allergies, Toxic Metals, and Psychology of Food Allergies (Q&A session with Dr. Randolph)
6/85 Mendelsohn, Robert, MD, & Sachsel, Barbara Defending Your Good Health: The Pediatrician and The Grandmother
5/85 Weathers, Gregory L, DDS & Yach, Edwin T, DDS The Oral Health Connection
4/85 Umbdenstock, Anthony J Jr, PhD Magnesium: Your Key to Cellular Health
2/85 Baley, Covert Nutrition, Fitness and Body Fat: Are You Fit or Are You Fat?
Mar-85 Nequin, Noel, MD; Kravets, Barbara, BS Heart to Heart: Cardiovascular Health and Nutrition for a Longer Life
1/85 Cudahy, Janet, MD & Rynne, Sally Osteoporosis: From Passive Acceptance to Aggressive Attack
11/84 Crayton, John, MD Behavioral and Immunological Reactions to Food
10/84 Mabray, Charles R, MD Health, Hormones, and Habits: The Impact of Nutrition on Women
3/79 TePas, Theodore E, MD Nutrition and Holistic Medicine
11/78 Sloan, Sara Promoting Better Learning with Better Lunches
5/93 Schauss, Alexander, PhD Diet and Crime
4/79 Raiford, Morgan, MD Vision and Health
12/76 Pfeiffer, Carl D, PhD, MD Mental and Elemental Nutrients
5/78 Passwater, Richard, PhD Supernutrition for Heart Disease
2/80 Marcus, Jacqueline, RD Vegetarianism
6/79 Hunter, Beatrice Trum The Great Nutrition Robbery
5/79 Brown, HAA A Nutritional Approach to Cancer
2/79 Bland, Jeffrey S, PhD How Vitamin E Can Slow Cellular Aging
1/80 Blackwood, Unabelle, PhD The Orthomolecular - Nutritional - Ecological Approach to Health
5/84 Olwin, John, MD The Role of Metals in Health & Diseases: Rationale of Chelation Therapy
4/84 Walsh, William J, PhD Can Nutrition Affect the Antisocial Personality?
3/84 Baker, Sidney, M, MD Politics and Eating: Clean the Environment or Toughen the Person
2/84 Mathein, J Daniel Stress, Productivity & Your Health
1/84 Epstein, Samuel S, MD Hazardous Waste: Source and Solution
12/83 Stone, Thomas L, MD Physical and Mental Illness: Cause and Treatment
11/83 Crook, William G, MD The Yeast Connection: Medical Breakthrough
10/83 Bland, Jeffrey S, PhD Latest Research in Nutrition - What it May Mean to You
6/83 Jaffe, Russell, MD, PhD Hopeful Horizons - Nutrition Points the Way
5/83 Mertz, Walter, MD Risk Factors for Disease: The Prudent Diet (Selenium)
4/83 Ringsdorf, W Marshall Jr, DMD Sugar and Disease: How Sucrose Affects Our Daily Lives
3/83 Kummerow, Frederick, ??? Fats and Heart Disease
2/83 Reed-Stitt, Barbara J The Diet Behavior Connection: Improvements in Juvenile Behavior Through Nutrition
1/83 Panel: Rynne, Sachsel et al Nutrition and Women's Health
12/82 Randolph, Theron G, MD Arthritis                                                        
11/77 Dunn, Paul and Catherine  Child Development - Learning and Nutrition
11/82 Gaby, Alan, MD Cardiovascular Health Through Nutrition
9/80 Jones, Marge, RN, & Bohm, Kathy Getting Started
12/79 Crook, William G, MD Relationship of Diet to Behavior and Learning Problems in Children
10/78 Rimland, Bernard, PhD Nutritional Approach to Learning and Behavior Disorders in Children
2/77 Boxer, Robert, MD Diet and Allergies
10/82 Pangborn, Jon N, PhD, ChE Building Health With Amino Acids
5/82 Gottlieb, Seymour, DDS Oral Health: Preventive Dentistry
6/80 Kinderlehrer, Jane Cooking with Love
12/78 Randolph, Theron G, MD Food Addiction                                                      
2/77 Cheraskin, Emanuel, MD, DMD Proper Nutrition: A Physician’s Prescription for Feeling Great
2/77 Cheraskin, Emanuel, MD, DMD Building a Healthy Lifestyle
4/82 McGee, Charles, MD A Crash Course in Protecting Your Health from the Hidden Hazards of Modern Living
3/82 Block, Keith, MD Macrobiotics
5/77 Boggs, Dallas, PhD Nutrition Can Affect our Inherited Characteristics
3/80 Stone, Thomas L, MD Orthomolecular: Ecologic Medicine and Psychiatry
5/80 Epstein, Samuel S, MD The Politics of Cancer
4/78 Reed-Stitt, Barbara J Anti-Social Behavior: A Symptom of Inappropriate Nutrition
12/81 Philpott, William H, MD Bio-ecologic Medicine
? Kunin, Richard, ??? Mega-Nutrition and Orthocarbohydrates
6/81 Diamond, John, ???? A New Outlook on Holistic Health
12/80 Larson, S A, MD, PhD ?
4/81 Lapp, Charles Nutrition In Education: Practice What You Teach
2/81 Bland, Jeffrey S, PhD Recent Revolution in Nutrition Against Disease
11/81 Stitt, Paul Fighting the Food Giants
9/81 Pfeiffer, Carl D, PhD, MD Nutritional Therapy for Mental Illness
1/95 Professional Nutritionists Foundations of Nutrition Series 6 Cassette Album Set: 1). Introduction 2). Proteins & Amino Acids 3). Fiber & Carbohydrates 4). Fats 5). Vitamins 6). Minerals
10/01 Garrett, Dewitt Jr, DN Are We Starving Our Children with Fast Foods or How is Science Harming Our Children
2/01 Birdsall, Dr Timothy Combining Traditional and Nutritional Cancer Treatments for the Best Results
4/01 Reisner, Dr Joanne My Aching Back: Natural Solutions
4/02 Harding, Pauline, MD Surviving Our Sick Homes, Schools and Offices
3/01 Yurasek, Frank Kampo: A Natural Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy
6/78 Frank, Benjamin, MD How to Keep from Growing Old
4/77 Smith, Lendon, MD Improving Your Child's Behavior Chemistry
3/78 Manner, Dr Harold W A Scientist Reports on Cancer Research
  Other ANA Speakers:  
  Roizen, Michael, MD  
  Davis, Adele  
  Devries, Stephen, MD