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Marketing Ideas

  1. Get Listed on Networks- it's free at American Nutrition Association under Practitioner Directory

  2. Write a Blog- it's free at American Nutrition Association under Blog Entry

  3. Create a website & register your domain- check out for good rates

  4. Have Business cards (1, 2, 3) and Brochures made up- distribute to places that are likely sources of clients, eg health food stores, other health care providers, health clubs

  5. Put an AD in the local paper or on craigslist, or health magazines (eg Conscious Choice)

  6. Draw up a press release that talks about you- a specific topic of nutrition that newspapers might find interesting, and offer yourself and your info as material for a story

  7. Give nutritional talks- to companies ("brown bag lunch meetings"), at health food stores, at restaurants, to local schools (and give a handout with your contact info to kids to take home), at a church

  8. Teach classes- through the City Recreation Dept or Adult Education Classes

  9. Partner with other care providers, such as conventional health practitioners, alternative practitioners, life coaches, etc. Look into the Nutritionist Placement Program with Designs for Health, contact Jane Bubnis

  10. Email your friends and colleagues about what you are doing, so they know about you for themselves and/or referrals. Ask them to forward along to anyone they think might benefit. Use an email address using the name of your practice.

  11. Write a monthly newsletter

  12. Offer to write a monthly column for a local paper on health and nutrition

  13. Get on local TV programs, such as local news and cable access