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Training Programs

The American Nutrition Association works to unleash the power of nutrition science to save and vitalize lives. One way we do this is by training nutrition professionals and other healthcare practitioners.

The first such program, the Ketogenic Nutrition Education and Certification Program will be available Fall 2018.

If you would like to be added to our contact list to learn when registration for this course is open, please contact us.

Ketogenic Nutrition Education & Certification Program

There is much material and research available about the application of the ketogenic diet.  But little in the way of vetted training programs and materials for healthcare practitioners currently exists.  The American Nutrition Association (ANA) is in the process of developing an online program for nutritionists and other healthcare practitioners on the clinical application of ketogenic nutrition.  This program will be designed to meet the educational requirements for the Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist credential to be developed by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS).  

Educational Program Description

The program will consist of 6 modules plus a final examination and will be geared to nutrition and other healthcare practitioners who have nutrition in the scope of practice.

Modules 1 and 2 will introduce ketogenic nutrition by addressing the history of the ketogenic diet and the basic foundations of the science in support of it as well as an understanding of ketone metabolism and the general principles of dietary formulation.   Module 3 will provide learners with the tools to assess, implement and monitor a ketogenic diet.  Module 4-6 will provide learners with the science to support the application of the ketogenic diet in select health conditions, including disorders of insulin regulation, cancer and neurological disorders.

Training Program Structure

Learners may choose from 2 distinct pathways of learning:

  1. Foundational Ketogenic Nutrition:  Requires completion of modules 1 -2 and provides basic concepts to enable health coaches and nutritionists to adequately counsel clients for whom a ketogenic diet has been prescribed.  No prerequisites are required, although a background in biochemistry or science is recommended.
  2. Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist:  Designed to meet eligibility requirements for BCNS Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, this pathway is for licensed healthcare practitioners and requires completion of all 6 modules and passing score on the certification examination.


Who is Eligible



Foundational Ketogenic Nutrition


6 CEs

Health coach


Nutritionist or other healthcare practitioner

Background in biochemistry or general science recommended

Completion of Modules 1-2

Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist


18 CEs

Licensed healthcare practitioner with nutrition in scope of practice


Degree in nutrition or dietetics

CNS, Master’s Degree in Nutrition or

Nutritional fundamentals prerequisite or equivalent

Completion of Modules 1-6


Passing score on BCNS ketogenic nutrition specialist exam


For Consumers

Looking for a ketogenic diet health care professional? If so, please contact us.

Check back often for the launch of additional training opportunities!