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University of Natural Medicine

I was hoping someone on this forum had some experience with the University of Natural Medicine. They offer an MS in Clinical Nutrition.

I don't have a deep interest in this program as I'm starting with UB, but am interested in some of the classes they offer.

Any experience would be appreciated.



Hi Corey - I checked out

Hi Corey - I checked out their site, and had seen it before. It looks like they do some very cool courses. I don't have any personal familiarity with them.

Because I had to research the issue so much, I know a fair bit about licensing requirements. A theme often seen in state licensing statutes for nutritionists is that the degree be from a school that is "regionally accredited".

Accreditation authority has been given from the US Dept of Education to the non-profit Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which coordinates several regional accrediting bodies, eg New England, etc. Those bodies are responsible for accrediting major colleges and universities (state schools, ivy leagues, you name it). So if a school is "regionally accredited", it is seen as legit.

There are other types of accreditation by CHEA, such as Distance Learning accreditation (done by a separate body from the regional accrediting bodies), but those tend to be seen as less legit, and those schools often don't meet state licensing requirements.

CHEA has a database you can search to see if and how a school is accredited:

When I searched any of its terms, the Univ of Natural Medicine did not come up, so it is not accredited by any member of CHEA. That means that state licensing boards, and no doubt many others, would not view it as legitimate. (Bridgeport, which you are attending, by the way, is regionally accredited, which is one of the big advantages.)

We’ve discussed issues of licensing and “legitimacy” other places here at NutritionCircle, so I won’t get into that here, but none of the above means the courses there aren’t fantastic. They could be terrific, and teach people wonderful, useful things. They might be hard to transfer credit to other institutions, get licensed through, and other “official” things like that. This info might apply more to other people who are considering a training path to licensure, as opposed to you, Corey, who seems to just want to supplement your regionally accredited MS.

For better or for worse, that’s the legal environment we find ourselves in. ….


Submitted by MichaelS on 11 May, 2007

Corey, I am currently


I am currently enrolled part-time in the Doctor of Naturopathy program with the University of Natural Medicine (UNM). I am also enrolled in University of Bridgeport's MS in Human Nutrition program. UNM offers many programs. As a not-for-profit organization, they offer great educational programs through distance learning. However, it really depends on your plans for the future, as to what program of interest may be best for you. I have done much research about the laws and regulations over nutrition, naturopathic medicine, etc. It depends on what state you live in, your goals (e.g., whether you desire to be a licensed nutritionist or RD, working in a hospital-setting, or be a business owner, etc), and what type of training you desire in your heart to prepare you for your future goals. UNM is very independent. I must state that I was a bit disappointed in the lack of communication, (i.e., email responses back, return of grades, feeling completely alone). I have been an online student for many programs and must say, if you are interested in independent study and can handle your own learning, then UNM is great!

Because I know what I want, it works out for me. However, I must state that I know there would be some individuals who may find themselves attracted to the layout, but very disappointed as a student -- once enrolled -- if they require attention.

Hope this helps! Please feel free to email me, anytime!

Submitted by LaKeisha J. Cole (not verified) on 18 May, 2007

Thank you! That is the type

Thank you! That is the type of response I was hoping to get. I did a similar naturopathic program and was happy with the resultant learning. Thank you again for the information.


Submitted by healthdetective on 20 May, 2007